Book Review (Part 4) Lucy Libido- Aromatic Use

In Chapter 4, we start to discuss how the brain is affected by essential oils and our sense of smell. There are so many diffusers on the market. Literally 1000s upon 1000s I have seen out there. It can be so difficult to figure out which one is best for your needs. Feel free to read about a couple that I have reviewed previously on

Car Diffuser

Office Diffuser

Diffusing oils is a great way to make the room/house/car smell amazing. Triggered by smells is love, peace, sensuality, calm  & are all important to making an impact on your life. No, I am not meaning to treat, diagnose or cure any disease. Just elevating me, cleaning without toxins and assisting me in a health journey are why I use oils. They have been used for 1000s of years, so why not use therapeutic grade to enhance positivity, spirituality, etc?

Let’s keep in mind, that the brain is composed of several parts, but we will focus on two:
Thinking Brain (Frontal Cortex)
Feeling/Emotional Brain (Limbic)- happiness, sadness, anxiety, peace, anger, love, hunger, thirst, sexual desire

Essential oils can impact your mood once they are past the Thinking Brain and get into your Feeling Brain. The olfactory bulb will trigger your limbic area. From the limbic, it can stimulate the amygdala- which is the sexual drive. Amygdala is one of two groups of almond shaped nuclei deep within temporal lobes for processing memory, decision-making and emotional reactions. These will then stimulate the hippocampus, which is responsible for memory. Hippocampus are elongated ridges on the floor of the lateral ventricle of the brain.

The science of smell is crazy! Our sense of smell is the first sense that develops when we are born. Oils with sesquiterpene molecules are so small that they are able to cross the blood-brain barrier and oxygenate the pineal gland. Pineal glands are associated with hormones and spiritual attunement. When using diffusers, the brain is able to relax and enjoy, increase mood and release negative emotions.

Here are some of my favorite diffuser blends for this week:
Envision Essential Oil (prior blog post)

Building Immune System: Thieves Essential Oil (link to Young Living’s therapeutic grade blend)

Field by Oola (prior blog post)

Quiet and Uplift the Mind: Cedarwood and Orange Essential Oils

Sleep: Lavender! OMG I think I coated my whole body in this last night to get through Chris’ snoring.

Awaken During Interview Process (prior blog post)


Feel free to reach out to me ( with any questions that you might have about essential oils and their uses. Or, if you would like to visit my site, please enter Sponsor ID/Enroller ID 10289088 at to start discovering your own oily journey. I am more than happy to help every step of the way and add you to a pretty special community.

Next post, we will discuss applying oils topically. Happy Tuesday!


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