Book Review: Lucy Libido Chapter 3- Aphrodisiac & Therapeutic Grade Oils

Here we visit Lucy Libido’s favorite oil- CYPRESS! Unfortunately, I don’t really know much about this essential oil, however she does a FANTASTIC job at describing it. Cypress has a ton of great qualities: antiseptic, expectorant and diuretic. It also suppers the circulatory system by strengthening the blood vessel walls. With those qualities, if you were to cut your finger, throw some cypress on the wound and heal faster with less of a chance of infection. Sounds like a super score to me!

Here’s an even more impressive property of being a diuretic- aid in flushing out toxins and cellulite. Just like a previously stated that I do not love my legs, maybe a Cel-Lite Massage Oil incorporated into my routine will help! In the past, I have heard Grapefruit Essential Oil will assist in cellulite improvement. I have a great little car diffuser that I have been getting some great results with while running errands. Take for instance yesterday while I was out and about with half this city and was diffusing grapefruit while in traffic. Dreaded traffic. But, I felt like I was concentrating more on driving, rather than those driving foolishly around me.

While I am not a doctor, I would rather prefer Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to help this aging bod rather than invasive treatments. If these little bottles are going to keep me healthy on this journey, I am going for it! Feel free to email me with any questions you might have in choosing which therapeutic grade oils are best for you and your household ( Or, If you would like to order any of the oils featured in this book, or feel free to go right to my website: Get Your Oils HERE & enter Sponsor/Enroller ID: 10289088




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