Book Review: Lucy Libido- Chapter 2

You Are Beautiful! We all need to remind ourselves that we are sexy in our own right. I will admit, it feels pretty darn awesome to hear Chris tell me that every day.

Every culture has it’s own definition of beauty. I think sometimes we are pressured into what is considered beautiful and what isn’t. My advice is to not fall prey to it. Define it for yourself and go out, meet strangers. Tell them they are beautiful. Or, pick one attribute of theirs and point out how beautiful they are. You will, in turn, feel beautiful for doing so.

Flaws are a great thing. Embrace them. They make us all different from each other. Don’t criticize yourself for them. God gave you all of them and once you realize how awesome you are, you will feel sexy & beautiful!

On page 7, Lucy Libido brings up the ever popular, “I don’t love my ______.” Let do this exercise together. I don’t love my legs. Even at a young age I didn’t. I would see all these cute pairs of shorts and above the knee skirts and just keep on walking. I see all these supermodels on the runway and believe that our culture is telling us that is beautiful. However, I am in luck! That “shape” isn’t what Chris likes, and continues to call me Sexy!

Just like in the book, let’s complete an exercise. Take a sheet of lined paper, and at the top, write: I AM BEAUTIFUL!

For all the rest of the lines, write your attributes. What are you proud of? What makes you different? What makes you, YOU!




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