Book Review: Lucy Libido- Chapter 1

Lucy Libido says there’s an oil for that! A girlfriend’s guide to using essential oils between the sheets.

So I love essential oils for topical and aromatic uses lately. Certain scents can just merely help me focus, or possibly get rid of some “friends” that popped up on my face overnight. Either way, I am not a professional. When I am having a bad day, I will rewrite my dreams, chase them, and sniff something amazing. Just grow and become more! Reading is important. I don’t care if it is 10 pages out of a really good book, just think how many you will get through. It’s almost as if you change as a person.

If you are a commuter, try audio books. Don’t waste time with your commute. Take time to read and fill your mind with positivity in this crazy time period. Fill your mind with positive things before you go to bed and you will potentially have a more winning attitude tomorrow. Do not let anyone drag you down. Work work work- just like Rihanna says 😉

Magically I met Chris 13+yrs ago. I saw him and just knew. But, we both had some growing to do and it wasn’t the right timing. Now, we have been together for over 3yrs- beyond amazing! You would think it is crazy amazing if you met us. It is ingrained into our hearts how much we love each other.

Now I am NOT the type to truly want to talk about SEX openly. And OMG if my parents read this, I’ll probably die. Therefore, Mom and Pop, get off this blog series.

OK with that being said, Chris and I are super active and super compatible. Just thought I should write that disclaimer now. Trust me, “my cup is full” if you know what I mean! All of us are different. That is what I love about life! So, let’s all keep an open mind while going through this adorable book together. I found it on Amazon for under $10.

During this journey of creating a less toxic home, I noticed that there was not a whole lot published on which oils to use in the “bedroom.” This book is a way to improve our sexuality and libido. Sure, everyone talks about rose and how that is the “love scent.” Not really for me. Plus, hello… sticker shock!

I love that on Page 4, it states, “lavender, take a big whiff and slowly exhale.” Go right ahead and know that I am doing this with you. Plus, a little extra working out to feel sexy doesn’t hurt. See my Weekly Workout HERE!

Next blog post we will start on Page 5. Here, we are going to get to know ourselves a little more. I have a feeling we will need to keep that lavender handy. If you need some, feel free to email ( and I will help you find one for your budget.


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