Happy Pancake Day!

I love carbs and sugar, but Chris has to shy away from them with his food allergies. I am super supportive and love going to the store to get a cake pop to eat in the car by myself 😉 Or, drinking a protein shake with fresh fruits/veggies that is over 30 carbs. With that being said, I always try to keep him under 10 carbs/day and 0 sugar. Trust me, that is really hard to do! Just start googling how many carbs are in your favorite fruits and veggies. But, I love him so much and want him to always feel good.

Who’s to say that he can’t eat pancakes on Pancake Day!? You just have to get creative to get as close to no carb as possible. For every egg, you add one tablespoon of cream cheese and for every two eggs with cream cheese, one drop of cinnamon bark essential oil. That simple! Whip all up with a mixer and cook on a flat top just like any other pancake! Just look at how there’s air bubbles and chunks of cream cheese:


Top off with some butter and pancake syrup from Walden Farms (0 carb, 0 calorie, 0 sugar) and you can enjoy Pancake Day without all the carbs! Trust me, for a zero everything alternative, Walden Farms is the best out there! This syrup tastes incredible and has no tongue numbing aftertaste. Highly recommend!

Are you eating pancakes today? Let me know in the comments below!

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