Happy President’s Day! Fun Facts on 5 Past President’s (USA)

As I was thinking about what to write today on President’s Day, all I could think about was how much I had forgotten from history class. It’s been since 1997, so one would think something would “pop” out at me, other than the fact that Lincoln was 6’4,” about our past presidents. Yes, I do know quite a bit about history. I have been all over the world and was “cultured” starting at a young age. I do think that I wasn’t walking yet and my parents brought me to my first Revolutionary War Battlefield (US).

Of course, I had to start Googling a couple past presidents, and these are some fun facts that Chris and I had a little chuckle over:

Abraham Lincoln- Only president to have a patent. He invented a device to lift steamboats once they ran aground. Why in the heck did you run it aground to begin with?? FYI- it was never manufactured by the looks of it

Ulysses S. Grant- got a $20 speeding ticket in his horse and buggy on a street in Washington DC. What the heck?? He was president 1869-1877. They had radar guns back then? 😉

John Quincy Adams- liked to skinny dip in the Potomac. Really? Cover it up!

Gerald Ford- was an excellent athlete. Then why was he our clumsiest president? OMG does anyone else remember him falling down the airplane stairs, or the countless other times the poor man tripped on camera? I felt bad, but I recall my 8th grade history teacher playing those videos for us over and over again.

Andrew Jackson- well actually it is more about his funeral and his pet parrot. From what we could tell, it appears he had taught his parrot to use swear words. The bird must have been so excited at the funeral, that it just let everything loose.

Now I thought that my family put the “fun” in funeral, but that wins the prize! There is absolutely no way that I would have been able to control my bladder if I heard the deceased’s parrot swearing at everyone. Is that just my sick humor?

Happy President’s Day Everyone!



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