5 Questions As a Hiring Manager, I Like to Hear

Interviews can be intimidating. I get it. I interview others all day in Talent Acquisition, but here is a list of my 5 top that are asked of me:

-How would you personally describe your company’s culture? I see a lot about it in videos on your website, but I would like to know what it has been like for you on a deeper level.

-Why do you love working for this company? Is it the role, benefits, people or combination?

-What particular skills are you looking for in the new hire? I have X…

-What are the relationships like between the various departments? Will I have the opportunity to work on special projects with them?

-What will Year 1 and Beyond look like?

***That last one is so important to me. It shows to me that the candidate is open minded and truly wants to see where the position/company are headed. Just like we, as hiring managers/company are, the candidate is focused on success too.

Hope this helps to give you a “start” when speaking with a hiring manager in your interview process.



4 thoughts on “5 Questions As a Hiring Manager, I Like to Hear

      1. Not exactly, I was in HR and recruitment for a long time, I then got another job helping young people 16-24 find employment, it was very rewarding but my health got too bad to carry on working. Now I’m a freelance writer, can choose my own hours so doesn’t matter as much if I do end up in a flare up of my conditions, can freelance from bed!

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