Extroverts- Stop Dumping Your Purse

Many believe that an extrovert is someone that is friendly and outgoing, which isn’t the true meaning of extroversion. Basically, it’s someone who is energized by being around other people. If they are not around others, they have a tendency to become bored.

Extroverts will think simultaneously as speaking. Concepts aren’t real unless they can talk about them. Studies suggest that up to 75% of the general population consists of extroverts. They are liked and get things done. They can clearly communicate emotions, fears and desires to others. Extroverts will be the ones that aren’t up against the wall at a party waiting for someone to talk to them.

That’s all great when out and about, but what about when you “dump your purse” in conversation. Now, that doesn’t mean when you are looking for your favorite liquid lipstick that one dumps all of the contents of your Louis Vuitton tote only to find Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick No Tea No Shade lurking in the bottom. What I mean by this is that when in conversation, you give out all info, facts, services, features, etc about yourself. No need.

Hold something back for the next conversation. Or, just simply listen. What is the other extrovert trying to tell you about themselves? Are you losing that more experienced conversationalist because you just dumped your purse? Hold back some of your contents and you will still attract new buyers into your conversation.



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