Smart Leaders- Need to be Approachable

Get caught up here Smart Leaders- Commitment to Authenticity

My advice, is to up your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) game. Your IQ is probably high enough, but what is your EQ? It is flexible enough that you can increase it with effort. Go out an recognize other’s emotions on the daily. Studies show it helps your mental health too! Score!

Walk into the most crowded room. Are you the one that is making people feel like they matter? Are you engaging in eye contact and proper body language during your one-on-one conversations? Is it personalized to the audience?

Leaders that I have enjoyed in the past, made me feel ultra important and worth their time no matter my role. I could have been an intern or the other founder. Did not matter which position, only mattered that I was a person and they understood my emotions.

Don’t be arrogant. That is the fastest way to lose your team. Instead, bring a sense of importance and individual value. They are there making you look good. Attrition is costly. Turn it into retention instead.

Now I’m not saying you have to be the leader on the bar pouring shots of Fireball down your team member’s throats to be likeable, though some days that might be fun. What I am saying is be humble, be positive and do it all with integrity.


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