Smart Leaders- Commitment to Authenticity

Smart leaders start off the year with a commitment to authenticity.

(In continuation of yesterday’s blog: Smart Leaders- Being the Year by Accepting Feedback)

Brené Brown’s now historic and viral TED Talk The Power of Vulnerability has already solidified the importance of authenticity in the workplace, and how critical it is for leaders to connect with and inspire others.

Some of you might be thinking, what are you going to get out of your employees by being authentic? Everything! Take for instance, your company runs out of money and now you need to break the news to your employees that they need to be laid off.

Those committed to the mission, and are passionate about what they are striving for together as a team, will take a cut in pay to keep going. Treating your employees like family, and that they are a total package, goes further than any benefits package these days.



Have the courage to be emotionally vulnerable in front of you team. Ask for constant feedback on yourself and not just providing feedback to your team. Ask for help when making mistakes. Don’t be afraid to tell your team that there is uncertainty in hard times.

Have an open door policy, and mean it. Rip it off it’s hinges.

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