New Hire Survey- Talent Acquisition

If you are in Talent Acquisition, then your role does not stop at YOU’RE HIRED! It goes on much longer than that. I always stay in touch monthly with my new hires to get a barometer of how they are feeling in their new role. Take them out to lunch, FaceTime with them, whatever it takes. Make them still feel “wanted” by you.

At each of their monthly benchmarks, I go over the following in depth to stop turnover in some roles at the 90th day mark:
New Hire Survey- 30 days

  1. During the interview process, how effective was I at explaining the importance of the role to you?
  2. Thinking about the information that was received about our company during the recruitment process, to what extent to you agree or disagree that this info allowed you assess whether you would be a good fit for the role?
  3. Overall, how happy were you with the recruitment process? What might you change?
  4. How satisfied with the onboarding process were you?
  5. Do you feel you have good support from your colleagues and manager?
  6. We have an upcoming hiring class with a few slots left. Who do you know that you would like to work with you here?

New Hire Survey- 60 days

  1. Do you have the equipment and materials needed to do your job?
  2. How do you feel your performance has been?
  3. Do you feel you have frequent and useful feedback from your manager?
  4. Would you refer a friend or family member to work here? Why or why not? Who would you like to refer?
  5. Are you familiar with Glassdoor and their employee review section? I think you have a compelling story to tell that might inspire others to apply? Have you thought about writing a review about your experience here?

New Hire Survey- 90 days

  1. Are you familiar with our Net Promoter Score? What is your employee net promoter score?
  2. Do you feel like you belong to a team & organization that wins?
  3. Attracting & inspiring great people is part of our culture. Do you feel that you have been winning here? Why or Why not? What is the reason for your answer?
  4. We have an upcoming hiring class with a few slots left. Who do you know that you would like to work with here?

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