#Oola Challenge- Day 5: Getting Past the Hurt

I hope you hugged (or got hugged by) the person you love the most yesterday! How good does it feel to greet the people we love with as much excitement as we have love for them? Very #Oola.

If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, click here!

Yesterday was all about living for the moment. Today, let’s go into the past. I never like to, but sometimes to overcome and breakthrough, we might have to revisit. It could be super difficult, but we can get through this together.

Day 5: We’ve all been hurt. Some of us have been hurt by a boss, a parent, a financial situation, a spouse (or ex-spouse), a child, or a friend. We go through deep pain, betrayal, abandonment and anger.

Our experience and pain gives way to fear, guilt, and self-sabotage which end up convincing us not to believe in ourselves, trust people, and love again. Often times we feel like we have forgiven whomever has hurt us, but we haven’t actually dealt with what’s been done to us. How do you know?

You will know the people that have hurt, betrayed or wronged you are continuing to influence your future when you think next time will always end up like last time.

So…today’s #OolaChallenge is to decide how long you will to carry the pain from your past into your future. Set a deadline for yourself. I challenge you to stop carrying the pain from your past into your future. Write it down. Be realistic about the time it will take. And use the time in-between now and then to deal with the pain.

It will be hard. It will bring up deep emotions and maybe even some anger, but it will be worth it. Own it. Your past could be a reminder, but not your future. You will create something awesome. xoxoxo

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