Wednesday Motivation When Dealing with AutoImmune

Every day I have to motivate myself to get out of bed in the morning and get moving. It can be difficult with Crohn’s & Thalassemia- minor. Mom has it. Pop doesn’t- hence minor. Yeah me! Phantom pains suck!

But, maybe my unhealthy story will give someone else a chuckle. Feel free to follow my blog, as I always post daily with something for everyone! Could be a workout. Could be product review. Could even be something awesome Chris and I have stumbled upon on Lake Noman. Or, some satirical pop story. Never know!

Let’s add chronic migraines to that crappy list. These can last days, rob me of life & eyesight, and make me down-right hate my essence. Other months, I will not have had a single migraine that makes me want to vomit and sleep on the bathroom floor.

Working from home, one has a tendency to roll out of bed, turn the laptop on and before you know it, it is 3pm and you have done nothing with yourself. Or, some days, you keep said laptop next to your bed and roll it onto your lap.

There is so much meaning in my role. Why wouldn’t it give it my all each day? Why wouldn’t I be excited by that deep sense of purpose in my career that ensures excitement over the prospect of another day of work? I just can’t help myself. This keeps me motivated. Try to find your meaning.

I know that I am the type that has to get a morning cup of Joe in me before I can open my crusted over eyes. Prior to my brain being able to coordinate a push up, I just have to give thanks to God. I wouldn’t change a thing. Sickness and all!


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