Increase the benefits of your favorite toner with Essential Oils

Many forget the toner step in skincare. No more! Let’s vow to use morning and night in the New Year! 2017 is upon us and let’s take advantage to do this for the entire year and not just January.

I always state, I do not sell Essential Oils. I just like some. I do not know much about them. I do not want to really. I just know what I seem to like and don’t like when it comes to these potent little suckers. I have always heard that tea tree oil was fabulous for acne/oily skin. So why not use some others to give an extra punch of goodness to the skin, right? I’ll add a chart below for different skin types, in case you are not oily like me. Do your research for what works best for you as well as which are actually safe to use.

Toner that I am using today-  Peter Thomas Roth Aloe Mist.  After GLAMGLOW’s Mask this morning (#GlitterIsLife Blog), some calming is needed. Just a few spritzes on a cotton pad helps, but this time we are upping our toner game with 2 drops Ylang Ylang (does anyone know how to pronounce it??) and 2 drops of tea tree oil. If you do not have toner, just grab witch hazel! One pointer- do not forget your neck and chest. Whatever you put on your face, you should be adding to those areas as well to fight wrinkles.

Do you have any skincare resolutions for the New Year? This one is mine. Up my skin care game with essential oils!

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