Hair Mask Featuring Davines’ NouNou

Good morning Beautiful!

I always say get up and get moving in the morning. But, with tonight’s festivities, first things first- GET YOUR HAIR MASK ON! Your hair will thank you and look amazing for tonight.

OK, with that being said- quick disclaimer. I wear HotHeads Hair Extensions. 2 Jet Black packs and 2 Fashion Blue packs. I always strive to keep them in tip top condition. I want them to last and thus far, my head and wallet has been pretty successful. I love multi-tasking. So, I get up about 15mins early to go through this routine.

Take a microwave safe bowl and put a large tablespoon of organic coconut oil. I use whichever store brand I find at the time. Then, add a swirl of EVOO prior to putting this combo into microwave. 30sec should be fine, unless you have a Melt Butter setting. For me, that setting takes care of it. Remember that spoon that you used? Grab a small chunk back out and get to oil pulling. Just swish back and forth constantly in your mouth for about 15mins. Today, I am adding 2 drops of Sweet Orange Essential Oil. While you are doing so, get back in that bathroom. For the next 30secs, I will massage my scalp with 3 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil. I had heard once that this helps to rejuvenate the scalp, wake up, stop flaking, help with migraines, etc. Why not? I will try anything 3 times.

Your oil mix should still be completely liquid. From here, I divide into 2in sections. These extensions are about 20-22in and there is no way that I want the tabs to get any oil on them. Cannot lose one prior to the party! All I do is dip mid shaft down into the bowl and ring out. That simple until my head is done. I like simple and quick. Finger comb to distribute and time to get out the Davines NouNou Hair Mask. Since I do not want to mix the oil, I use a hair dye cheap brush (probably purchased at Sally’s) to distribute all over. This one is completely safe for Tape In Extensions, but I still do not apply directly to all the tabs. Smushing into the hair is important. I want it all covered. Get all that goodness in there. Clip it up, put a shower cap on and let’s get to business- DANCE PARTY in the kitchen while shining up life for friends to come over tonight!

What do you think of NouNou by Davines? Have you used it before?

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