GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD® Clearing Treatment

Just as I have a hair mask on, we cannot skip a SUPER important step- FACE MASK! OK, big thank you to Sephora Play subscription for including a sample tube in my most recent box. Here is a link to my blog yesterday about Lush Cosmetic’s Ayesha Fresh Face Mask. Trust me, it totally helped to get rid of a lot of whatever that was that started to sprout. We can’t be having that! So, today I was thinking we need something stronger to get the rest gone.

Step 1- Cleanser of choice: Green Tea Citrus Antioxidant Cleanser by Skin Script. This one gets super foamy when using in conjunction with a Clairisonic. My aesthetician introduced this one to me to not only clarify and clean, but to also support healthy cell function (probably an anti-wrinkle statement).

Step 2- When face is dry, simply smooth on a thin layer of GLAMGLOW’S mask. This mask is really there to help you visibly clear your complexion. If you are super oily like me, you will start to feel it pulling out impurities. What’s even a bonus, it can be used as a spot treatment!

Step 3- Just because you have a face mask on, does not mean that you can forget about the delicate eye area. Simple for me- tab on some organic coconut oil. That area needs to be smoothed out for all your pics later!

Step 4- I know that it states to leave on up to 20mins. Who really pays attention and sets a timer? I got other stuff to do. I think that it is usually an hour before I rinse off in the shower. It is just easier for me to scrub it off that way.

What is your favorite face mask for squirrelly oily/adult acne skin? Am I loving this one? We will just have to wait and see until later today 😉


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