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Glitter Is Life!

Isn’t life awesome? Relocating from NY to NC was the best life decision Chris and I ever made. Where should I start on that one? Taxes? Lake Life? Weather? Longer boating season? Chance to make more friends? All of the above and then some. Plus, now we are closer to my parents and can fly anyone in at anytime at the airport near us. We love  fostering an environment of trust and helping others learn from successes and analyze failures. I have no clear objective or goal with this page. I love trying anything 3 times. I love Chris. I love being on this lake as often as possible. I love God and the millions of blessings he has given us.

Just as this blog is under construction, so is a section of our property. It might take me a little bit to get back to you, but I promise I will. Until then, drop a line so I know you’re out there 😉

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